Online Poppers Delivery Process

We sell poppers online, throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on selling only the highest quality room aromas and we have a genuine belief (shared by our clients) that our range contain some of the best room aromas you can buy.

To complement our ‘best of’ poppers product line, we offer a discrete and effortless delivery service. We want our service to be exemplary from start to finish, meaning you are always guaranteed a warm welcome at our online poppers shop.

It also means that when you buy poppers online, in the UK, through us – your order will be dispatched as soon as is possible. We guarantee you that, if you order is made prior to our 3 pm shipping deadline, it will be sent to you that very same day.

We can’t guarantee the post office will work as quickly as we do – but we can make sure our first class poppers are rushed to you with great haste! We will also enclose our best poppers ever inside a discrete package. Nobody will ever know what you ordered if you don’t want to tell them.

To help us cater to ever-growing demand for poppers UK, we provide our clients with a choice in how they would like their poppers sent to them.

How would you like your poppers posted?

  1. Royal Mail standard delivery (second class small parcel) – Only available in the UK. This postage option should see your high quality poppers products arrive within 2-5 (working) days.
  2. Royal Mail first class delivery – paid for by the client. Ensures that your product will arrive within a maximum of 2 days. First class usually arrives overnight but we cannot guarantee this. Next day delivery is also available!
  3. Royal Mail International Standard Delivery – We do deliver internationally but we depend upon our clients to ensure our room aromas do not break local laws. We do not accept responsibility for poppers that are stopped by your customs department, should you live in a country where poppers are illegal.

Additional Postage Information

The more far-flung regions of the UK (such as the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, or Scottish Islands, should expect delivery times to vary from those stated above.

We will provide plain packaged poppers that won’t alert family or friends to your taste in room aroma.

The speed of our deliveries depends entirely on the speed of the Royal Mail postie! If you have indulged in some of our cheap poppers you can buy online, an event, celebration, or public holiday might slow their arrival. For example, orders we send out at Christmas time will always take longer to arrive.

Due to shipping difficulties we cannot offer to deliver to Israel. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you it is due to local regulation. We would furnish the world with top class room odouriser if we were able!

What are you Waiting for?

When you buy room odouriser from us, selection is simple, delivery is easy, and you will always receive a product you can count on.