English Poppers


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Want to take intimacy with your partner to a whole new realm? One where the lights around you, the loving touches of their fingertips, and the scent of your mixed sweats feel so amazing… that your bodies melt together, with your souls and heart becoming one?

Our English Poppers is by far the best popper in the UK to help you get out of your head and really get to explore your partner’s body, so much better than you would with Liquid gold poppers or Berlin XXX.

There are extra strong poppers that blow up your desire like a balloon, then simply burst it… leaving you with a red face..

With English Poppers room odoriser, every moment spent with your partner feels like an orgasm the entire time.

The feeling is indescribable… aside from the amazing physical sensation, it’s like you’re having sex with each other’s mind, and you know the exact pressure and nerve that will bring maximum pleasure.

Our English Popper room odouriser helps heighten arousal and creates a fantastic but emotionally intense atmosphere that will loosen you or partner up real quick… so you can have lots of fun and an amazing time – the perfect choice for comfortable yet sensational sex.

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