How long do Poppers last?

How long your poppers last unopened can vary from product to product, as there are in fact many different types of poppers that are all sold under the same umbrella term. The four types of poppers are isoamyl, isopropyl, isopentyl, and butyl amyl. The first three of these types are sold across Europe, but the fourth type is only available outside of the UK/EU. The easiest way to instantly know how long your poppers will last while they remain unopened is to simply check the sell-by date on the bottle itself: many retailers from the UK/EU are required by law to produce poppers with a sell or use-by date on the product so that you know exactly when they are no longer at their best. Outside of this method, the best way to ensure longevity is to keep the bottles refrigerated and out of direct sunlight so that the chemicals do not degrade due to heat or light exposure. Typically, poppers will last between 1-3 months this way but some products have been reported to be just as potent even after 6 months or longer.

Once opened, poppers need to be protected even more so than when they are sealed. In addition to the damaging effects of heat and light exposure, moisture can also degrade the poppers solution and cause them to quickly lose potency. Since there is naturally moisture in the air we breathe at all times, this can be a losing battle in many cases. The best way to keep moisture out of the bottle is to make sure you seal up firmly with the cap between uses. Another tip is to avoid exhaling directly into the bottle when using your poppers as this is a sure-fire way to let water vapour from your mouth to enter the bottle. Outside of this, make sure to follow the other tips listed above in regards to storage. If left open and unsealed, the poppers will degrade and lose all potency within a matter of hours, so be sure to store them correctly. If kept sealed and refrigerated between uses, poppers can last several weeks before a new bottle needs to be opened.

How long do the effects of Poppers last?

Once inhaled, the poppers will enter your bloodstream through your air passages very quickly. You should feel the rush of the poppers within a minute, sometimes within 30 seconds! The effects are very potent so it is advised to inhale once and then wait before doing so again. You will feel a light-headed feeling along with a relaxing sensation in all of your muscles. Your heart rate will quicken and it will help you to feel turned on and energised sexually. By simply limiting the number of times you inhale in one go, you can easily temper the strength of the effects to your own desired intensity level once you are familiar with the potency of the bottle you have at your disposal. When it comes to how long poppers will last in your system, the truth is that they are short and sweet – or perhaps fast and furious is more apt? The effects will reach their full potency and then wear off over the course of 2-5 minutes. This is ideal for those little hits of fun that you get with each lung-full and means that you can enjoy the intense sensations over a short period before deciding if you would like to partake in more. Here’s How To Use Poppers Guide if you need more information. 

How long do the side-effects of Poppers last?

It is also useful to be aware of how long poppers will last in terms of the various side-effects that they can produce. As with any recreational substance, it is always best to be prepared and to stay safe when using poppers, and this means coming forewarned with knowledge of what could result from their use. Generally, poppers are exceptionally safe to use, however, there are some minor side effects that can be a pain – literally! The most common side effect is a slight headache or woozy feeling due to the light-headedness, however, this is not likely to last very long at all. In very rare cases, the lowered blood pressure from poppers could lead to a migraine – but this can be avoided by managing your usage. Some other side-effects are irritation to the skin around the nose or nasal cavity, but this can be avoided by not making direct contact with your nose to the bottle when you inhale. If you do find yourself getting some irritation then it should go away once you cease use. All-in-all, the side-effects are minimal and not long-lasting at all and should not inhibit you from having a great time with your poppers!

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