Where to buy poppers?

In the past, finding a place to buy poppers was often difficult if you didn’t already know where to look. Trying to find local shops which stock poppers can still be hard, especially as often the only place you can find them over the counter is at specialist shops or certain off-licenses. Using this method means relying on word of mouth to find stockists, or finding a shop that sells poppers by chance.


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Now that poppers are available online, you don’t need to rely on these old school methods to find exactly what you want. Once you have found a stockist online you can buy from them directly, which removes the time consuming and often uncertain process of trying to find a shop which not only stocks poppers but is also somewhere you can trust and feel comfortable purchasing from.

It’s not only the ease of access which makes buying poppers online so much better, but there’s also the range of products available to consider. When buying over the counter you are often only given one choice – buy poppers, or don’t! Buying online really changes this up because suddenly you’re shown a huge variety of different brands, all with unique selling points. You can still find all of the old favourites like liquid gold poppers, but also discover varieties that you may not have heard of before that haven’t been available in local shops. Previously you may only have been able to try out different brands when visiting friends in other cities or countries, but now you get to explore the ever-expanding range of poppers without even having to leave your front room.

Another thing that makes this so exciting is that many of the brands available online come in extra strong varieties that pack a much more powerful punch than the over the counter options. This means that you can experiment with different strengths to find what works for you, and don’t have to go for the same feeling every time. There are often bundles and deals you can take advantage of as well, which will allow you to try out different products while still keeping things affordable.

A reservation that some people have about buying online is that you may have to wait a long time to receive your poppers in the post, and often this is the kind of product that you want to have ready for a big night that’s coming up soon. At The Poppers Shop, we know that many people will want their poppers at short notice, so we offer next day delivery. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that your products will be arriving exactly when you need them.

Making the choice between trying to find a local shop that may stock one or two brands of poppers, and shopping online will always be a personal one. However it’s important to know all of the options available, and if you’re looking for a smooth and easy purchasing experience which only requires a few clicks, buying online seems like the right option for you.

Are you buying poppers for the first time? Please read our guide first – how to use poppers. You will learn how to do it safely and maximise your pleasurable experience. 

Happy shopping! 

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