Ibiza Poppers


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When the sun goes down and your heart longs for some adventure, Ibiza Poppers will light the way to passion you’ve never experienced.

Made in Ibiza, the Spanish island where everything comes alive at sundown… Ibiza Poppers hijacks every nerve in your body, taking you on a euphoric trip that seems to last forever.

The formula is extra strong, yet the strength is perfect for relaxing your body physically and mentally, without the after-effects.

If you want to take the edge off of life, chill, and have some electric orgasm with your partner or solo… then our Ibiza Poppers will have you thinking, “Damn… this is great. Life is Good!”

The euphoric effect feels like you’re in a dream where every touch, scent, and sound is amplified, but it somehow brings you closer to your partner.

If you’re looking for something exotic and erotic but different from Liquid gold poppers and Berlin XXX… then you should consider our Ibiza Poppers.