Pig Yellow Poppers


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If you’re searching for the strongest popper in the UK that will create an insanely strong sexual tension in the bedroom… one that seems to make your bodies start boiling by just getting close to each other, then look no further than the Yellow Pig Poppers.

Yellow Pig Poppers is one of the strongest poppers in the UK.

The formula adds that… peak feeling of feelings to your romance sessions and makes orgasms SO much more intense.

It’s like your bodies melt together, and you both take the time to explore, appreciate, and pleasure each other.

The feeling is best described as primal and instinctual – it feels awesome.

If you’re looking to loosen up or experience the most intimate connection of your lives… Where your love and appreciation for each other becomes way deeper, then you have to odourise your room with Yellow Pig Popper today.

Just prepare yourselves for intimacy and orgasms so intense and powerful you may forget you were always two independent souls intertwined in love-making.

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