Potent Blue Poppers


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One of the UK’s favourite poppers. Potent Blue has been on our top SIX best selling poppers in the UK list from the beginning. There is a very simple reason behind it; potent blue’s extra strength. Our customers love it even though it’s priced a little above the average, you can be sure you are getting great value for your money.

If you are looking for a much more powerful experience, you should try the power pallet offered by potent blue.
Our internal team regularly tests the product, so we are confident we offer you only the best quality product on the market at the best price.
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We wish you many sensual experiences intensified by our poppers.

Potent Blue Poppers come with our very own special XXX Strong Aroma and have been enhanced with innovation in the form of a “power pellet”, which keeps the liquid fresher and more effective for longer. This exciting little addition to the bottle means that you are getting much more bang for your buck with each purchase, as the potency of your poppers is heightened and the aroma will be usable for a greatly extended period of time. This means that each bottle of Potent Blue that you open could potentially lead to a huge number of steamy nights in with your partner – or a number of fun parties in a big group, all enjoying the powerful effects of this great aroma. It’s easy to see why this particular bottle has become one of our all-time bestsellers, don’t miss out on your chance to experience it for yourself!

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