Tribal Juice Poppers


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You’ll agree with me that intimacy feels much better and more satisfying when you’re lost in the moment with your partner rather than constantly overthinking everything – and possibly ruining the mood.

Tribal Juice Poppers is the room odouriser that can finally help you get out of your head, be in the moment, and bond with your loved one.

This particular formula is specially made for bottoms that are somewhat shy in the bedroom… as it helps them unleash the naughty, sexual demon from deep within, where it has been repressed for years.

When used to odourise the room a few minutes before welcoming your partner, it makes your body feel funny and wobbly… a description that probably won’t make sense until you’ve experienced it.

With Tribal Juice Poppers, it’s almost like you can see in the dark because it heightens all of your senses, making it easy for you to trace the outlines of your partner’s body.

Like a current of water, you feel so connected… you know where your partner’s body and pleasure points are, you don’t even have to think about what to do next.

It all flows naturally, with nothing in the way to block or judge that desire… then before you know it, it’s like you’re both cumming rainbows.

In that moment, nothing feels more right or pleasurable – the feeling is simply… incredible.

Are you ready to heighten your experience and bring out your naughty side?

Order Tribal Juice Poppers now, and we’ll have it discreetly delivered to your location by tomorrow.