XL Liquid Gold


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Ask anyone who’s an enthusiastic fan of room odouriser which popper brands they think is the best to buy online in the UK. They’ll most likely mention Liquid Gold Poppers.

Our XL Liquid Gold Popper makes your whole body feel tingly, more welcoming, and open to having an amazing time with your partner.

The rush it gives after you’ve popped and left it in the corner of a ventilated room makes you feel a little giddy and in a dream-like state… 

If you’re looking for a room odouriser that will not only jolt things in the bedroom but give you and your partner unforgettable and mind-blowing orgasms. Then our XL Liquid Gold Poppers is your answer.

Liquid Gold XL Popper comes in 15 ML and is simply the best popper you can buy online. Especially if you’re looking to relax smooth muscles and have an amazing time.

The formula helps heighten arousal and creates a relaxing feeling in the body that will loosen you or partner up real quick… freeing you from inhibitions so you can have lots of fun and an amazing time – the perfect choice for comfortable yet mind-blowing sex.

Order it now, and we’ll have it discreetly delivered to your location.