Your Privacy is our top Priority

Here at our online poppers shop, we pay particular attention to ensuring that your nosey neighbours never know anything you don’t want them to! This concern and regard for your privacy extends over and above our non-descript packaging and covers you for the duration of your popper shopping experience.

This page details the ins and outs of our privacy policy – but the key takeaways are as follows:

  1. We will respect your privacy.
  2. We won’t hold your data any longer than we need to in order to successfully complete your order.
  3. We do use cookies and, if you live in the EU, you will be prompted to accept these in accordance with data storage regulations.

Now that those who are too busy to read the whole page have gotten what they need, let’s define some terms.

Us, we, our = xxx poppers store

You = the user of our website or the consumer of our room odouriser products

Our/ the service = our company business, which is to provide the user with a high quality room aroma, without a ridiculous price tag.

Contacting Us

We are always delighted to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. If you read our privacy statement as outlined on this page and decide you still don’t really ‘get it’ – then that’s fine! We can answer your questions, requests, or queries via our contact us page.

It is our aim to produce great products in a friendly, welcoming online platform. To do this, we take excellent care of your data while you shop with us.

How we Use Data

First of all, we only collect a few details to carry out your order. These details are essential and are NOT collected for marketing purposes but for the purposes of providing our service (i.e. posting our poppers to your door).

This means that any personalisation of ads, targeting towards your tastes, or otherwise intrusion on the ads you are shown, was not caused by us. If you buy our cheap poppers online in the UK, any ads for poppers that thereafter show up on your browser has nothing to do with us. If ads are bothering, you then we suggest you contact your browser service provider.

With that out of the way, let’s recap the information we do require in order to carry out our service. We may ask for other details to help tailor our service to your needs; but the main gist is thus:

  1. We will need your name. It does not need to be your full name; an initial is fine. This step is vital if you live in a multi-person household and you don’t want family members to open your package by mistake.
  2. An electronic mail (email) address. This is our main method of contact. This is where we will send your receipt (if you requested one) or inform you of new products that may interest you. You can opt out of email marketing and we won’t judge you!
  3. Your regular address. We do need this as a matter of urgency. Without it, we cannot send anything to you. We can accept a PO box address if that is more helpful to you.
  4. Your telephone number. We take this in case something goes wrong with your order. It may be that the Royal Mail has contacted us to report a problem with the package, in which case we will contact you straight away.

Other Data Storage

Each time your computer communicates with our site or servers, you leave a sort of digital footprint to say you have been there. This is known as log data, and it may also be collected by your device, too. You may have seen ‘log data reports’ around your system… and that’s what these are!

We do collect them because they show us how long you spent on certain pages. In turn, this gives us analytical feedback on which parts of our site work, and which parts don’t. To collect this data, we do not hold very much information. It includes your computers IP address but also covers which type of web browser you are using (i.e. Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox, among others). It may contain other details about your PC or device – but these are computer based, rather than focused on yourself.

The statistical data that we do collect through logs helps us to provide a better service. This is the sole aim of collecting it. We do not store any additional financial details other than what we need to complete the sale. Once your sale has been processed and your order sent out, your payment details are immediately forgotten by our system.

We only hold them for the length of time it takes to process the payment. No member of our staff will ever ask you for bank details out-with that which is necessary to provide our service. IF you have any concerns about this then do feel free to contact us so we can put your mind at ease!

EU Data Regulations and Compliance

As defined by EU data regulations, we need to inform you that we use a cookie, each time you visit our site. These cookies are not the tasty kind but are little bits of information stored on your device. These bits of information allow us to communicate with your PC effectively and are not harmful.

Cookies are used to ensure that there are no problems communicating between your device and our server. You have the option to say no to any cookies on the internet – but if you do so, you might not be able to use our full range of services because our machine and your machine won’t be talking the same digital language.

EU regulations mean that we now need to inform our users every time we use a cookie. Since we use a cookie with every visitor, you may be prompted more than once to accept them. Cookies are held in your temporary data files on your PC, should you wish to view them. You can also clear the cache to delete cookies already in your logs.

The upshot of all this is that our cookies are not harmful. However, they can still be deleted whenever you like.

How Secure is your Data?

While your data is in our hands it is as safe as we can possibly make it. Unfortunately, even our encryption isn’t 100% fool proof. All methods of electronic data preservation are subject to the whims of hackers. Although we cannot build a system that is completely secure, we can give you our assurance that we do our best.

3rd Party Use of Information

Occasionally, we do use a third party to carry out certain tasks on our behalf. For example, we may well partner with the likes of PayPal or other online wallet providers, in order to bring you a better array of payment options. We might also hire marketers to effectively advertise our services.

We want to assure you that these third parties will only be given access to your data when it is vital in order for us to perform our service. We cannot send you our delicious poppers, for example, if PayPal need to process your payment. We might also use your details for analytical purposes (As outlined above, these statistics help us to tailor our service to better meet customer needs). There is nothing nefarious in this 3rd party potential use of your data.

Similarly, we may occasionally provide links out-with our own content. We have done so on this very page, in fact. We cannot be held accountable for any information contained on other people’s pages and we use these links either as reference points, or to help our customers better inform themselves. We are not to be held accountable for any information they store on site users. However, if we suspect that their purposes are less than pure, we will happily remove the link.

You can contact us if we are including links to sites you do not think we should link to.

Information held on Children

We do not hold any data on children. We respect children’s protection laws in all forms and specifically do not offer our service to those that are under the age of 18. Compliance is expected in this matter at all times. Anyone under the age of 18 trying to interact with our services may be reported to the relevant authorities.

We are absolutely serious on this one. If we suspect our product is being given to a minor, we will report you. Do not break the law.

Changes to our Policy

From time to time, it may be necessary for us to update our privacy policy to keep abreast of global changes in the law. It may also be that we need to make changes to our own service, over time. In this instance, we would always advice our service users to report back here and check for changes on a fairly regular basis.